Things to Note Before Taking Part in a Math Contest

Contests are among the best aspect of education, where individuals get to know their level of handling some subjects in relation to that of others, either from other schools or within the school. Contests occur for the various subjects, however, most contests that are carried out are for math and sciences. Before a school takes part in the math contest, there are various factors that they should bear in kind. The following are some of the aspects that should be considered.

First, consider the number of schools required for the contest. Most times, the canadian math olympiad teams specify the number of schools expected for the contest. This means that it can limit a few schools or just give out an open door for every school. In this way, one will get prepared on the application and make send it earlier to avoid the contest, that’s it they are purposed that their school attends the contest. Apart from the specification on the number of schools to attend, at times the contest specifies on the students who are to attend. It can be the top students in math, this means that the teachers have to sort the top students in math from the rest and allow them to participate in the competition. It is generally advisable to check out on the regulations given out for the contest, to avoid being odd on out.

Secondly, note the time and date in which the contest is to take place. Knowing the dates will accelerate for revisions and also preparing for the contest. The dates should also be known so that the number of students who will attend the contest will be known early. Check out also on the time, to avoid reaching late for the contest. It is, therefore, vital for one to be aware of these two aspects. Read more about maths at

The venue in which the international math contest is to take place should also be communicated. Communication will enable suggestions to be received on the changing of the venue if the place chosen earlier is not suitable. It is thus essential that the place of the contest is known by all people, to avoid confusion during the last meeting on where people should be. The above aspects are some of what teachers and students ought to note, before the contest date. The teachers should generally encourage students to attend the contests, in case there are no specifications on the kind of students to attend it.

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